Open A2 Theory

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Open A2 Theory

Open A2 Theory

AUDIO : English
SUBTITLES : English, French, Greek

You already operate drones in the OPEN A1/A3 category but want to get to the next level?

You haven’t passed your OPEN A1/A3 examination yet but your goal is to be able to operate in OPEN A2 category for which you will need to obtain the OPEN A2 Certificate?

You are searching for a quality drone pilot training?

👉🏻 This complete drone training covers all the content required by the European Regulation defined by EASA, in order to get your European OPEN A2 drone license (“Remote Pilot Competency Certificate”). The training also includes our free OPEN A1/A3 complete training that will enable you to obtain your OPEN A1/A3 drone license (“proof of online training”), in case it's not already done.

The OPEN A2 certification will enable you to fly in urban areas, with drones from 900g up to 4kg, everywhere in Europe 🇪🇺

In this course, you will be guided through various and interesting contents like: where and how should you fly, how your drone works and what are its components, how to read a METAR message, navigation instruments, and many other related topics.

After completing the training, take your examination in order to obtain your A2 Remote Pilot Competency Certificate.

This course includes:

👉🏻 6h30 min on-demand video
👉🏻 6 months access to the course
👉🏻 A certificate of completion

Each course is divided into short sequences, which makes it easy for you to find a chapter you want to review and study in short sessions wherever and whenever you want.

Free previews are available for each course to give you a quick idea of the content.

This BUNDLE is composed by the following courses:

Audio in English Subtitles in English Subtitles in Greek Subtitles in French Online Courses
Audio in English Subtitles in English Subtitles in Greek Subtitles in French Online Courses