Become a PRO DRONE pilot

anywhere in Europe

How does it work ?

Step 2

Follow theory courses online

show me a free course first

Step 3

If applicable, select a practical instructor close to you

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Step 4

Complete the exams
and get your license !

Latest uploaded courses :

OPEN A2 Bundle

The whole package


Risk Analysis, an obligation when flying in the SPECIFIC category


See the heat !

European Regulations


Radio Communication

Talk with the tower on the radio, an obligation in certain situations.

Full steam ahead, spider !

We are in full development mode, our partners are lined up, and we will be adding new regions to our network in the next weeks.

But first things first, we are open for business in Belgium and Greece !

Next countries ready to go are :

  • France

  • Hungary

  • Serbia

  • Croatia

  • Finland

  • Sweden

  • Portugal

  • Italy

  • Ukraine

  • Lituania

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