Online Certification Exam - OPEN A2 (english)

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Online Certification Exam - OPEN A2 (english)

Online Certification Exam - OPEN A2 (english)

[Language : ENGLISH]

You recently have been studying the OPEN A2 material and are ready to take the examination?

Take our online examination and get your drone OPEN A2 drone certificate.

👉🏻 This examination is fully automated, has an easy step-by-step process, and explanatory videos will guide you through it all the way 👊🏻

👉🏻 The certificate is valid everywhere in the European Union 🇪🇺

👉🏻 The price already includes all the additional taxes for issuing the certificate: 55€ will be deducted directly before finalizing your purchase. You will use them later to pay for the fees of the authority that will issue the certificate (in our case, Ireland) ☘️

Once you have bought your access, you can take your exam whenever and wherever you want.
You only need a computer and an internet connection.

In case of success, you will receive an official European certificate for the drone OPEN A2 category, issued by Ireland, which will be valid and accepted in all EU member states.

  • Introduction
    • Before you start: how to activate the subtitles
    • Introduction
    • Why you got a discount
  • Preparing for the examination. (MUST READ)
    • What you need
    • Installation links
    • How to install Google Chrome
    • How to install Proctor Exam
    • Create your account on IAA platform
    • Link to the IAA
    • Verification of your identity on the IAA plateform
    • Starting a OPEN A2 application
  • The Exam
    • Friendly reminder
    • Open A2 Examination
  • What's next ?
    • Obtain your Certificate