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Open A2 Theory + Practical
AUDIO : English
SUBTITLES : English, French, Greek

Our video courses are performed by our instructors and experts.
Free previews are available for each course to give you a quick idea of the content.

Each course is divided into short sequences, which make it easy for you to find a chapter you want to review and to study in short sessions wherever and whenever you want.

It is now possible to pass the theory exam online on our website !
The certificates we deliver are official European certificates, valid everywhere in Europe.

Our practical courses are performed by our certified instructors. You can choose where you would like to follow these courses. At this time, this course is. available in the following locations :
- Belgium
- Greece

[Total Time : 7h19m divided into short sequences]
Radio Communication
AUDIO : English
SUBTITLES : English, French

This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed the radio-communication exam you can take in specialized centers across Europe.
This course is performed by Didier, experimented airline pilot and aviation instructor.

AUDIO : English
SUBTITLES : English, French

SORA is the risk analysis model adopted by EASA for UAV European regulations.

According to these regulations, for any SPECIFIC operation outside the Standard Scenarios, a SORA analysis is required.
SORA will therefore become an indispensable tool for all remote pilots operating in the Specific category.

Igor, our risk assessment expert, will guide you through this course that will enable you to understand and apply SORA, and aims to give you the skills to produce a SORA independently.

Thermography with Drones
AUDIO : English
SUBTITLES : English, French

A complete course about thermal imaging, with a special accent on UAV's.

Igor TESIJA, our Croatian instructor for this course, will take you through a thorough 5 hours and 40 minutes explanation of what thermography really is, what you can do with this incredible tool, and what the good practices are.

Available subtitles: English - French