How to get a drone license in Europe

and how to choose a training course at the European Drone School

The European regulations are modular,
that is how they were designed by EASA, and that is why the European Drone School's offer is modular too.

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To make it easier to picture your ideal pathway, from being a beginner to becoming a pro pilot, it is good practice to imagine a staircase where :

Step 1 - is becoming an OPEN category pilot, by passing the basic exam allowing you to fly a UAV in the A1 and A3 subcategories. This is a mandatory step for every pilot in Europe.

Step 2 - is optional, but will allow you to unlock the A2 subcategory in the OPEN category, and open new possibilities.

Step 3 - is your first step into the world of professional UAV pilots, by unlocking SPECIFIC category's first standard scenario (called STS). This will allow you to operate inside a precise context of rules, but in more complex situations than when you were flying in the OPEN category. (Note that there are several different standard scenarios that you can unlock)

Step 4 - would be to go all the way and write your own risk analysis with the SORA methodology. Knowing how to write a SORA will unlock almost any type of mission you might think of, but then you will also need to prove to your local regulator that you have the necessary skills to execute that mission.

That's it. Depending on where you are in your process of becoming a pro-pilot, you now know what course to choose. And if you still don't, then just give us a call, or write us an email, and our team will be very excited to assist.

See you soon!


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