Open A2 Theory + Practical

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Open A2 Theory + Practical

Open A2 Theory + Practical

AUDIO : English
SUBTITLES : English, French, Greek

You already operate drones in the OPEN A1/A3 category but want to get to the next level?

You haven’t passed your OPEN A1/A3 examination yet but your goal is to be able to operate in OPEN A2 category for which you will need to obtain the OPEN A2 Certificate?

You think you also need to improve your flying skills in order to be more confident during your drone missions?

You are searching for a quality drone pilot training?

This complete drone training covers all the theoretical content and practical skills required by the European Regulation defined by EASA, in order to get your European OPEN A2 drone license (“Remote Pilot Competency Certificate”)

This course includes:

✅ A 6 months access to our OPEN A2 bundle (6h30 of on demand video)

✅ A free access to our OPEN A1/A3 complete training, in case you haven't followed it yet.

✅ 4 hours of practical one-to-one training on the field with one of our available instructors (available in Belgium and Greece for the moment, more countries to come!)

✅ A practical training completion certificate

On the field, you will:

👉🏻 Learn how to prepare your mission properly and safely through an elaborated checklist

👉🏻 Train basic flying maneuvers as coordinated tight turn, obstacle avoidance, emergency response, etc.

👉🏻 Learn how to get meteorological information and how to apply them to your missions.

👉🏻 Learn the best practices from our experienced pilots

This is the most complete OPEN A2 training you will find on the market right now!

After buying this course, we will get in touch with you in order to plan your practical training.

After completing the training, you have the possibility to take your online theoretical examination with us: it’s easy and fully automated.

⚠️ For the moment, this course is available in the following locations :

🇧🇪 Belgium
🇬🇷 Greece

More countries to come!

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