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Drone Starter Course (Open A1&A3)
AUDIO : English
SUBTITLES : English, French, Greek

You want to become a drone pilot but you don’t know where to start? You are searching for a quality drone pilot training?

Our free OPEN A1/A3 online drone training is made for you.

This course is the first mandatory step to obtain your “UAS proof of online training” and start operating as a drone pilot.

Our Belgian expert, Jochen Walschaers from Brisksky, will guide you through the OPEN A1/A3 content required by the European Regulation defined by the EASA.

After following this course, reach out to your local drone competent authorities, get your “UAS proof of online training” and start operating drones everywhere in Europe.

The course is divided into short sequences, which makes it easy for you to find a chapter you want to review and study in short sessions wherever and whenever you want.

Free previews are available to give you a quick idea of the content.