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As an experienced drone pilot, are you looking to hone your theoretical knowledge in the areas of technology, aerodynamics or meteorology?

With this online theoretical training, you’ll learn everything you need to obtain the Open A2 certificate, valid throughout the European Union.

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Training for pilots aiming high

Whether you’re active in the audiovisual, blogging, real estate or construction sectors, flying a drone brings significant added value to how you go about your daily work.


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A video format  suited to your pace  of learning

The training involves more than 7 hours of video content divided into short sessions, so you can learn at your own pace.

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Sights set on European Certification

The training opens the doors to the exam for obtaining the Open A2 drone pilot certificate, recognised throughout Europe. You can take this exam online, whenever and wherever you want.


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Some of our instructors

The European Drone School works with experienced, certified and recognised instructors who have accumulated over 100,000 hours of flight and training experience.

Stéphane T. , Head of Training at EDS

Workhorse, and one of the founders of EDS, Stephane will teach you discipline, preparation, safety, and how to grow a fantastic beard.

Matthieu G. , CEO of EDS

Founder and General Manager at EDS, Matthieu will show up on your screen to talk about technology, components, maintenance, and how to snap your finger with a brushless motor.

Igor T. , Risk Analysis Expert

As serious in life as in this picture, Igor is actually a very nice guy who happens to be one of the best SORA experts in Europe, and our thermography expert too.

Eric D. , Meteorologist

Don't get fooled by his smiley composition, Eric is one of the best meteorologists in Belgium, and thus in Europe too.

(Belgian weather being what it is... 🌧)

Didier L. , Ex-Combat Pilot

Didier now lives far away, training military pilots being "the best of the best", just like real life Top Gun. And he also, sometimes, gives meteorology lessons at the European Drone School. Pretty cool...

Didier C. , Airline Pilot

Didier is our very own baby Yoda. He is quiet, calm, and makes very complicated stuff easy to understand. Ideal to teach regulations to our students.

Jochen W. , Airline Pilot

Jochen is our amazing teacher for beginner courses. Owner of his own, very successful, drone company, he shares his knowledge in a very generous and kind manner. Plus, he's a blast to spend time with !

Amir S. , FPV pilot

He was one of our students, but very quickly it became clear we did not have anything to teach him, so we hired the guy as a practical instructor. 🤷‍♂️ He is now one of the best pilots in the country.

Some References

We are in good company.


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